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Here is the Unobtanium, an original pair of the mirror attachment hardware for the long closet door. Impossible to find original... !
I have some original VW Westfalia Curtain rods in nice condition Long Drivers side curtain rod: 92-5/8" : $150 Rear Hatch Curtain Rod Set (top + bottom) (Top 43", Bottom 47-5/8") : $90 / set (Note: I have 2 complete rear hatch sets)
Here is 2 catch plates for the Westfalia, I can't remember where they go, if you know, let me know and I'll update the description, Thanks!
Here is a nice original Westfalia Closet Coat hook. This is about 6" long with the brackets
Here is 2 original westfalia curtain cords, with ends. 20" Long, and 22" Long
Here are 4 original straps for curtains, table legs etc... for a Bay era westfalia 1 Strap: 5" 1 Strap: 8.5" 2 Straps: 10"
Here is the original aluminum acorn nut & washer with a section of the subhatch with the threaded rod for you SO23 .... RARE
Here is the original M-Code plate for a 1970 Westfalia Campmobile. Some of the options are: Canada Export Pop Top Eberspacher Gas Heater Rear Defrost Chrome Trim
This is an original Westfalia SO23 brace that goes behind the large interior panel. The hole is for the rubber bumper for the forward back seat rest, and the tiny screw holes, hold the back rest brace. These were cut from the roof hole from the subhatch opening, and repurposed. The curve of the roof matches perfect to the curve of the side.. smart!
Here is a pair of original SO23 Roof Top Tent mounting brackets. With hardware. RARE!!
I had a small batch of solid brass hardware made that matches the same shape and size of the original Westfalia SO23 Mirror hardware clamps. I also sell the exact 6mm mirrors as well. Price for the hardware is $90 shipped.
Here is an original 1970 Westfalia M-Code... I put it in the decoder and here is what is says: Model Type 2 (T2) mod. 231(0) : - Kombi - Sliding door right - LHD Chassis number 2302043376 Serial number 043 376 Model year 1970 Planned production date Thursday, 02 October 1969 Number for production planning (temporary serial number) 7368 Type of engine Type 1 (B5) - 1584cc, 35 kW (47 bhp DIN) Typ...
Here is a set of 4 brackets for your Westfalia. These were used on various spot on the cupboards.. etc.
Here is a vintage 1960s camping stool you can use with your camping setup. I'm not sure who made this, but it came with a bunch of Westfalia stuff..
I made a small batch (just 4) of the SO23 Mirrors done exactly like the originals, 6mm thickness, same polishing on the edge, and the holes the exact size and the exact placement!! (Update: 1 Left..) I also have available the brass hardware for the mirror ($90 for a set)
RARE!! Here is the original optional Westfalia SO23 Fridge Cabinet door. This is for the cabinet door beside (to the rear of) the fridge. Great shape!
Here is the original cargo door pin with original Westfalia paint for your SO23. This is the origianl greeny / tan color westfalia painted everything on the inside
Here are a couple original SO23 Brass Door Latches. Also for the SO34 & SO35 I now only have 3 of these available. $90 each.
Here is a really nice Westfallia / Bus brochure dated 1970. 16 pages with foldout. Very nice, covers the passenger series of bay windows, and the westfalia as well. If you have this bus, you NEED the brochure!
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